Use Season’s Digital Food Farmacy to help your patients reverse chronic disease and reduce their total cost of care.

We’re building an industry-leading food-as-medicine program.

With our evidence-based Food Formulary, and consumer-grade technology platform, Season is here to support your organization in standing up and managing a leading food benefits program at scale in your community. From addressing food insecurity, to designing clinically-sound food prescriptions, Season's platform supports your patients in getting the nutritious food they need for their long-term health.

Improve Clinical Outcomes
Elevate Patient Satisfaction
Reduce Total Cost of Care

For Health Plans

With unhealthy diets at the root of nearly 20% of US healthcare costs from heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, the time to institute a comprehensive strategy around nutrition is now. With our Digital Food Farmacy, Season empowers plans to administer scalable, population-wide food benefits management programs, with our evidence-based Food Formulary at center. With Season, your members will have access to top-tier registered dietitian care, an array of tailored food options (across recipes and a network of food vendors), and a dedicated fulfillment team that ensures food arrives directly at members' doorsteps.

For Health Systems & Providers

Though the connection between healthier food intake and improved health outcomes is well-established, many patients find it difficult to consistently purchase and eat foods that are in line with their clinician’s nutrition prescription. Season works with leading health systems to build Digital Food Farmacies, supporting providers in writing evidence based food prescriptions across a spectrum of clinical conditions and socioeconomic statuses. We'll work with your patients to ensure they have access to the appropriate food that fits both their clinical needs, and their budget.

“I have lost 30 lbs since the beginning of the pandemic mostly due to Season and the meal plans.”


Who is Season best for?

Season is best suited for patients who are 18+, live in the United States, and have households with up to four members. Season supports provider-recommended diets for a wide range of conditions and patients, who are seeking to generally improve their health with our diverse offering of recipes and meal options.

How much does Season cost?

Season operates on a self pay model; patients pay $120 per month as a subscription fee, which includes access to a dedicated registered dietitian, personalized meal recommendations, and concierge ordering. Season is not currently covered as a health plan benefit.

Is Season HIPAA compliant?

Yes! Your patients’ information is always safe with Season. The platform adheres to industry standards for data collection and privacy.

How do I partner with Season?

We’d love to talk about a partnership opportunity. Contact us at