Staying on Track Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration, but for many they also mean a struggle to maintain balance and stay on track with health- and nutrition-related goals. Research shows weight gained over the holiday season year over year can add up to increased health risk over time.1 Here are three tips to help you successfully navigate the holidays.

1. Check in

Check in with yourself. What are your specific holiday challenges? Social gatherings with lots of food and beverage temptations? A busy schedule and departure from your usual routine? Other stressors? Taking time to identify potential obstacles is the first step to being able to overcome them. Digging deep to figure out what makes your goals important to you will help keep you motivated.

2. Plan it out

Once you’ve taken a pulse on potential holiday pitfalls, it’s time to make a plan! A focus on sustainable long-term change vs. a restrictive short-term mindset is often more successful.2, 3 Seek ways to find practical balance, and set goals you can realistically achieve.

3. Buddy up

Does maintaining a balanced and healthy routine seem daunting? Buddy up with a supportive family member or friend, or seek a healthcare professional (such as a registered dietitian) to help provide support and accountability.

Season can also support your nutrition-related needs! Season partners with your registered dietitian to make personalized meal recommendations, along with grocery ordering and food delivery, that can help you stay on track and stress less this year.


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