Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

Kidneys have many important and vital functions in the body. They help to constantly filter blood, remove waste and extra fluids, balance chemicals, and control blood pressure. In this article, we will discuss the importance of adequate nutrition for kidney health.1

How Can You Keep Your Kidneys Healthy?

The two main causes of kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension).2 Reducing your risk of these chronic conditions can help to decrease your risk of developing kidney disease. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and/or hypertension, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider to develop a personalized nutrition plan. 

Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes & Hypertension

Follow a Well-Balanced, Healthful Nutrition Plan

Stay Hydrated


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Elizabeth Adrian, RD, CDN

Elizabeth is a registered dietitian nutritionist with clinical experience at healthcare systems, including NYU Langone Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Her interest in nutrition-related public policy and desire to work with underserved populations has led to experiences outside of the hospital setting, including spending time as a nutrition education volunteer in Tanzania, Africa. She has also worked as a research assistant and nutrition counselor for Cooking Up Energy, a cooking & nutrition education program for predominantly BIPOC children and adolescents at the Boys & Girls Club. Elizabeth hopes to utilize her diverse background and passion for science, medical nutrition therapy, and community nutrition to support clinically-related product and service development efforts at Season.

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